Experience profound rejuvenation in body and heart with Yoga for Nourishment Series. These grounding classes include sixty minutes each of Vinyasa Flow, Vin-Yin, and Yin Yoga inspired by intelligent alignment and thoughtful intentions for body, heart, and essence. Relish in your nourishment in service to self and others.

3 Videos // 3 Hours

Bundle Price: $100 (Click to Purchase)

Nurture yourself with sixty minutes of Vinyasa Flow focusing on hip-opening postures to expand your creativity, sensuality, and emotional attunement.

Price: $40 (Click to Purchase)

Unfold into sixty minutes of Vin-Yin Yoga focusing on the back-bending and heart-opening postures to expand into the qualities of the heart.

Price: $40 (Click to Purchase)

Bask in sixty minutes of Yin Yoga focusing on side bodies, twists, and expanding the breath, all in the receptivity of courage through an embodied practice.

Price: $40 (Click to Purchase)