Therapy + Coaching Sessions

60-minute Virtual Therapy or Pleasure Coaching Session: $175

“I've worked with Rebecca over the last year and have had a wonderful experience. She is kind, attentive and cares deeply about her clients. I felt validated with my thoughts and feelings. Within each session, Rebecca will softly bring items up for me to think about. Additionally, Rebecca is a good listener and understood my concerns. Thank you Rebecca for being available and being there to help me sort out my emotions, thoughts, and concerns.” -Julie I.

“Rebecca has the sweetest temperament and approach. I started working with her during my first pregnancy in 2020 to help with issues around fear and anxiety related to childbirth, but also for general support in helping to navigate difficult family dynamics during a personally and globally stressful time.

I paused my work with her for a bit when I moved out of state and then restarted coaching with her for a few months in 2023 to help clarify my goals and intentions related to self care practices as a mother and land steward. Working with Rebecca was very supportive and helped guide me back to feeling things first in my body. This approach is extremely helpful for people like myself who have a tendency to hold a lot of emotions in the body. I would recommend her coaching to anyone, but especially women needing a more gentle and somatic based method.”

Photo Credit: Amelia Vilona