Liminality is the space in-between.
The process of letting go and evolving.
The embodied pleasure of who you are.

Liminality comes from the inspiration of my amazing partner and aligns deeply with my intentions for our work together: honoring your pleasure, your healing journey, and your truest embodiment of who you are.

My name is Rebecca and I'm here to guide you into your deepest expression of pleasure.

I believe that pleasure is for every body.

Pleasure is the heart that supports you finding your most sensual, expansive, and loving version of yourself. When you embody your pleasure, your world opens up and you can live from a place of joy, vitality, and connection.

Through my coaching and therapeutic services, I offer guidance, exploration,and playfulness with a pleasure-based approach to the following themes:

● Sex, sexuality, and gender expression
● LGBTQ+, poly and open relationships, and kink/BDSM
● Body appreciation, love, and wisdom
● Intimacy, connection, and relationships
● Self-development, growth, and healing

Currently, I offer the following structures for our work together:

● Individual therapeutic services
● Individual pleasure coaching services
● Pre-recorded master classes and live workshops

Initial consultations are available for any questions and inquiries about my offerings.

Excited to be a part of your pleasure journey,

Rebecca (MA, LPC) is a Denver-based somatic and queer coach and therapist. Rebecca completed her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Somatic Counseling: Body Psychotherapy at Naropa University in 2019. Additionally, she is trained in perinatal mental health through the Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder, EMDR through The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, and Somatic Sex Therapy Training for Counselors through The Embodied Relationships Center.

Photo Credit: Amelia Vilona